Unleash the purpose

Luxury Golf Shoe with casual design which is the perfect blend between classic and modern generations, this golf shoe allows for maximum wear without sacrificing style. This classic hybrid is new in the market and will allow for classic wear with comfort and performance.

There is a time when you stop, and you look back, and you realize the journey, the experiences, the obstacles and the triumphs, and it's there when you finally know who you are, what inspires you, in what you believe. And at an instant, you find your purpose.

The foundation of our philosophy is based on the pursuit of happiness and sharing with you products that inspire and promote emotions and realities through our line of concepts, such as love, hope, freedom, reverence, gratitude, resilient and blessed, concepts that trascend in peace and harmony in your life.

That is why, it is important to discover and connect with your purpose, match it, live it and keep it present, share it with everyone and achieve the happiness you pursuit.

A different model for every play style





The perfect match

Legacy Belts

Style and performance
where it counts

Jim Furyk

PGA Tour / Champions Tour

Boxto Ambassador

“Casual elegance”

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